Sales Representative

Hello there, my name is Rachel Isaac, I 
loved growing up here in Woodstock and being a part of the community. I have worked in the automotive industry for the past 13 years and really enjoyed my experiences and all the great people I have met. I established a connection with Brad and Becky when I purchased and sold 3 houses of my own and really enjoyed the experience. Soon after my friends were seeking my advice in their searches for a dream homes as well. Then it hit me, I have found my passion, working with others to find the home of their dreams. I have an attention to detail like no other and can always see a vision of the bigger picture. My Past experiences and thorough knowledge of this area will really benefit my customers. I couldn't be more excited, starting this career with such a dynamic team at The Realty Firm B&B Real Estate Team and I just know I can help find the home of your dreams!



Ready to buy or sell, or not sure about what you need to make it happen? I’m available to help whatever stage you’re at.

35 Wellington Street North Suite 202 B Woodstock Ontario Canada


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