About Rachel Isaac

Sales Representative

Hello there, my name is Rachel Isaac, I 
loved growing up here in Woodstock and being a part of the community. I have worked in the automotive industry for the past 13 years and really enjoyed my experiences and all the great people I have met. I established a connection with Brad and Becky when I purchased and sold 3 houses of my own and really enjoyed the experience. Soon after my friends were seeking my advice in their searches for a dream homes as well. Then it hit me, I have found my passion, working with others to find the home of their dreams. I have an attention to detail like no other and can always see a vision of the bigger picture. My Past experiences and thorough knowledge of this area will really benefit my customers. I couldn't be more excited, starting this career with such a dynamic team at The Realty Firm B&B Real Estate Team and I just know I can help find the home of your dreams!